Super gratis, super kul !

Jätte kul sida, lätt att samla poäng. värt :)

Bli medlem ! :D


If I’d only known it would break us,
I’d have done anything just to save us.

Couse you’re all I have
When the world comes down on me, you’re the one I love.
And I’m begging you to see, you’re all I have
You are the one I love
You’re all I have..

You’ve forgiven me, But it doesn’t change.
How to trust again, wanna believe that you won’t do the same.
And every time we fight, We’re gettin’ closer.
I slowly die inside, I’m scared it’s over...

Your love for me was always there, maybe too much for me to care.
Now that I know I messed it up,..
I’d give my all to take it back.


Tar paus, förlåt.